Our Sweeper Machine and Equipment

Sweeps streets, parking lots, hard stands, warehouses and garages
Powerful suction, an 8mph sweeping speed and a maximum 71″ sweep path allows fast and efficient sweeping of curb lines or parking lots. The Tennant 525S is capable to take on tasks previously possible only using the larger more bully machines. With a 6’6″ overall height the 525HS is perfect for cleaning public garages and venues with height restrictions. Its powerful engine allows the sweeper to easily climb ramps up to a 20% grade.

Foot Paths, Sidewalks, Alleys, Walkways and Bicycle Paths.
The compact design allows manoeuvring in the even the tightest areas. With its compressed turning radius, effortless steering and fully articulating brushes, the Tennant 525HS scours debris from even the most inaccessible areas. Turn up the variable force vacuum to clean rough-surface bike paths and pull debris from the crevices between the pavers or cobblestones. This light weight sweeper will move easily over doorways and not disturb environmentally sensitive areas.

Rugged 4 wheel drive means traction on any surface.
The 525HS is a technologically designed machine with a greater capacity than most. The well proven mulching impeller allows an incredible 3 cubic metres of debris to be collected. When the hopper is full a 32km per hour travel speed and a high dump hopper means we can easily empty the waste and return to sweeping quickly.

We Specialise In Emergency Situations

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